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Marks and Spencer

Designing a native iPad app for shop, catalogue and outfit builder.


October 2017 - Present


Marks and Spencer

Designing a native iPad app for shop, catalogue and outfit builder.

January 2013



Personalised shopping

Rabbit & Hare and I were invited to pitch for the design and build of an iPad application that combined a lifetyle magazine with recommendations, catalouge and shop. Along with this magazine element, the app relied on a newsfeed style approach for surfacing content and products that were personalised and specific for each user.

The Design

Crafting 'My M&S' and the outfit builder

Not only was the app designed to be personalised, and leverage usage data and knowledge about omnichannel customer's purchase history in order to tailor the app and other product's to their individual needs, but within ‘My M&S’ users were also able to;

  • Manage personal wish lists
  • Plan their shopping for big occasions
  • Set birthday reminders
  • Build and share outfits with friends
  • Browse lookbooks and trend guides
  • Browse a personalised newsfeed of friends recommendations
  • Find similar products based on personal favourites
  • See socially shared outfits within the app

We concepted a number of different methods for constructing the outfit builder so that it ensured an easy to use experience for the customer. Marks and Spencer at this time were undergoing a organisational shift and re-brand, so the design had to be visualised from the ground up.

MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign
Welcome screen

The welcome page was intended to adapt to shopping habits and user preferences, whilst attempting to push products that complemented recent purchases.

MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign
Navigation menu double drawer design
MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign
Footer pull-out menu
MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign
Customising 'Your M&S'
MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign
Customised welcome screen
MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign
Trend guide
MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign
'My M&S' Outfit builder
MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign
'My M&S' Favourites

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