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MTV & Be Viacom

Highlighting teen relationship abuse using interactive video.

May 2013 - June 2014



Hard hitting and engaging

Created in conjunction with MTV and the Home Office, Rabbit & Hare and I, were responsible for designing and developing a digital campaign, tailored to MTV UK’s digital display spec, that highlighted the serious issue of abuse. The ‘This is Abuse’ campaign features a series of powerful and hard hitting adverts to raise awareness about all forms of abuse – whether violent or emotional, against males or females, in straight or gay relationships.

My Role

I lead graphic design, motion design and developed the interactive video player, which hosted a series of 4 video quizzes, 2 short advice films as well as 3 existing interactive films from the previous “This Is Abuse” campaign.

MTV 2014 & 2013 campaign

The Work

A HTML 5 iframe was created to play these videos accompanied by a series of three questions regarding abuse and the issues raised. At the end of the three questions, users learn whether they had the right or wrong answer, as well as the overall voting result. Following each question, an explanation of why the situation is abusive is revealed and finally the viewer is asked to take part in a poll and vote on whether or not certain situations are appropriate in a relationship, to highlight the fact that abuse may not always be obvious.

In tandem with the interactive element, display advertising was constructed using HTML5 to combine into a site takeover of MTV UK, which really made the campaign stand out. Users were also encouraged to share the videos and information with others in an effort to educate young people and stop this type of abuse.


Running for a total of 8 weeks, the client surpassed their target KPI’s by 150%, and as of the 15th August 2013 this project was nominated for an NMA shortlist!

Marks and Spencer

Designing a native iPad app for shop, catalogue and outfit builder.

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