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Patchwork Present

A website that allows your friends and family to fund gifts, contribute time and/or skills to make something amazing happen.


User Research, Information Architecture, Product (UX & UI) Design

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Patchwork Present Wedding


Give together. Piece by Piece.

Liv (founder) had been with her partner Laurie for over ten years when they decided to get married. They had two kids already and weren’t exactly nest building. So when it came to wedding gifts they didn’t need department store stuff. All they really wanted was help to fund the family honeymoon to Cuba that they were all dreaming of. And so the idea of Patchwork was born.


Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, honeymoon, or birthday, Patchwork Present let’s you come together with fellow friends to give in a more creative way.

Patchwork is based on an old fashioned principle. Like a traditional whip-round, our platform lets you collect money from friends and family towards a much-wanted gift or experience. It’s just that our digital version is not only more efficient and secure but also more creative, personal and fun than throwing some cash in a hat.

The value is that it’s a service that is trying to get rid of unwanted gifts and waste. It lets friends come together to fund one gift that’s really wanted – piece-by-piece in the form of a patchwork. What’s more, it allows those creatively gifted to start from scratch and create a patchwork, its featured easy to use the templates already on the site for the less creative folk.


This is one of the largest and most complex information architecture pieces I have undertaken to date, and a great learning curve for me. Creative direction and design was lead by Rob Ryan, my director at Rabbit&Hare, who at this stage of my career walked me through the fundamental benefit of goal directed design when constructing a product from the ground up such as this. It was a very rewarding project, but not without its challenges.

Create Patchwork
Task: Create a new patchwork


As digital product creators, we must be aware of all the changing digital market dynamics. We must understand how and why people use their digital devices and what defines a successful and a failed UX. The startup product was entering an already existing marketplace, therefore we wanted to study how all the current solutions addressed the needs of our target users.

To be competitive, we needed to know what's out there, what has worked and what has not worked. In order to do so, we collected the analysis into a matrix and cross-compaired strength and weaknesses.


Narrative as a design tool

In adopting goal directed design, we used the power of narrative to communicate ideas and set priorities. Imagining a story about a person using the product leveraged our creativity, rather than purely setting screen elements in isolation. I found it an effective way to share good ideas among team members and stakeholders.

Patchwork Responsive Patchwork Responsive


Goal-directed scenarios were used as an iterative means of defining the product's behavior from the standpoint of specific users (personas). This includes not only the site's functionality, but the priority of functions and how those functions are expressed in what the user sees.


We initially launched a beta site to gather a customer feedback, and test the product uptake. We partnered with tech agency Put it Out for development, and delivered our designs in an agile sprint methodology for speed of progression.

Patchwork Beta


Initially users could only contribute cash, however it quickly became apparent that existing and new customers liked the idea to use Patchwork to contribute not just cash but also time and skills.

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